Friday, 22 July 2016

An announcement

Morning everyone!  I think we're all aware of the situation so far, I just thought I'd put up a quick message to keep us all in the loop.

Since the fall of 203 Metre Hill, the Japanese have cemented their position.  Digging in on the hilltops, they have rebuild most of the forts destroyed in the attack on 14th September.  Worse for the Russians, their heavy siege artillery is now putting some highly destructive plunging fire onto the ships in the harbour, doing immense strategic damage to the Russian position in the Far East.

The besiegers cannot be far away from victory, but the Emperor grows impatient and orders Nogi to force a quick end to the bloody battle...

We have a further land battle to fight, which involves the Japanese trying to take the town itself by storm, and a naval one too as the Russian fleet tries to escape Togo's blockade.  Given that everyone is rather busy at the moment, these two climactic battles might have to wait for a week or two, so I'm going to make a start on the book.  This is the calling notice for you to send any diaries, notes or scribblings for inclusion in the book (Paul, I already have yours - thanks!)

Anyway, I shall keep you updated!

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