Sunday, 3 April 2016

General Count Nogi Maresuke reporting!


Firstly and most importantly, thank you indeed for allowing me to participate in your latest Supercampaign.  I have been watching your previous iterations on Ed's blog and been very impressed at how you take the projects to the next level.  So to have the chance to be involved is great.

Its also pretty neat that my commanding His Imperial Majesty's Japanese Forces allow you guys all to plan and play cooperatively.  That will make an enjoyable change I'm sure.

So this is one of my alter egos: General Count Nogi Maresuke, Commander of the Japanese Third Army.  Born the son of a Samurai, he was a veteran of the Satsuma Rebellion (upon which the movie The Last Samurai is loosely based) and a Brigade Commander during the 1894 First Sino-Japanese War which saw him capture Port Arthur in a single day.  Can he capture the city a second time?
General Nogi - he has a beard and I have a beard.  The resemblance is uncanny really
Historically, the Japanese Third Army comprised 3 Divisions of Infantry so I'm not sure Ed how you might whittle it down to limit the scope of the campaign and just focus upon one particular section.  It make work better if I play the part of one of Nogi's subordinate Divisional Commander perhaps.  I'll leave that up to you.

My other Japanese alter-ego will be as a senior Officer of the Imperial Japanese Navy and I must admit that as a serving Naval Officer I am looking forward to fleshing that character out soon!


Japanese Propaganda from their Victory at Port Arthur


  1. 460th Specially Established Guard Battalion... I love that name! As for the level of command, if you wanted to just command the lucky division tasked with taking Hill 203 that would work too, rather than the entire army.

    The naval aspect will need some more fleshing out, but that will be a lot easier for you to 'slot in' to history.

    I'm going back to work this evening so progress will slow, and we have the Battle of Gettysburg to fight on Friday... but I'll try incorporate everyone's feedback on the rules &c and get something to you next weekend.

  2. While there were several Japanese formations involved in the actions around 203 Metre Hill, it appears that the 7d Infantry Division, under the command of General Oseko (who also had a very manly beard), was heavily involved in the final assaults. It was comprised of:
    13th Infantry Brigade
    25th Infantry Regiment
    26th Infantry Regiment (Asahikawa)
    14th Infantry Brigade
    27th Infantry Regiment (Asahikawa)
    28th Infantry Regiment (Asahikawa)
    7th Cavalry Regiment
    7th Field Artillery Regiment
    7th Engineering Regiment
    7th Transportation Regiment

    The Division was effectively wiped out in winning the fight for 203 Metre Hill