Sunday, 3 April 2016

Welcome to Port Arthur!

Welcome to the Port Arthur campaign!  This blog, very helpfully suggested by Paul, will serve as a general admin area and discussion zone until the Port Arthur campaign gets properly under way. 

Once we start, the game will be administered from here.  Paul will post the Japanese moves, then we'll post with the results of the games, and a few pictures as well.

Just to keep everyone in the loop:
  • Rules:  The rules are written in draft, and everyone should have seen a copy.  Please reply here with any comments you have, or aspects you want to incorporate.
  • 2mm Models:  These are currently in the post from Irregular Miniatures.
  • Ship Models:  I don't currently have enough to replicate every last ship at Port Arthur, but if people don't mind a few stand-ins we can get by.
Please post freely and reply on here - it isn't a 'normal' blog, more of a fancy chat room.  Many thanks go to Paul for his enthusiasm in getting involved and very helpful advice in setting up.

1 comment:

  1. Sounds ideal! Ship stand ins are fine by me. Looking forward to it!