Friday, 27 May 2016

Admiral Tojo Personal Log - 14th August 1904
Flagship MikasaYellow Sea

Most heartening news from Admiral Kamimura by wireless.  This morning he intercepted Bezobrazov’s Cruiser Squadron at dawn off Ulsan.  Our 4 armoured cruisers outmatched the Russian 3 and inflicted far greater damage than they took.  The Rurik was sunk and while the remaining two escaped to Vladivostok with heavy damage, they will be hard pressed to make repairs in the limited facilities available there.

I am most satisfied by this outcome.  It effectively negates the danger of further Russian raids upon our shipping lanes and the threat of the Port Arthur and Vladivostok squadrons combining.  I can now turn all my focus upon neutralising the last Russian capital ships in the Far East.

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