Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Let the Games Begin!

I'm officially opening the Battle of Port Arthur!  Whenever people are ready we can start issuing orders.  I'll shortly email out a campaign pack which should include:
  • A PowerPoint document with an editable map.  This is for planning purposes, and you will also need to send a slide back each week with your moves annotated on it (it doesn't quite fit on the screen, but that doesn't matter)
  • A Word document with the rules
 Beyond that, it's all in flux somewhat as this is our first Supercampaign where the players are spread out all over the globe.  Patience will probably be required, since we can probably do a maximum of one game per week - so there may be quiet periods of a couple of weeks if people are away or busy.

Any questions, please post here, but we'll get started with Turn One whenever people are ready.


  1. The Empire has given his assent to the war plans of the Imperial General Staff, and prayers have been offered to our honourable ancestors. It is time for the sons of Nippon to raise the Rising Sun battle flags and take our rightful place on the world stage!

  2. Soldiers of His Imperial Majesty's army!

    Today, your Emperor calls upon you, to rise up and cast out the upstart invader! He looks upon you and smiles, for He knows that the weight of Russia is borne on the broad shoulders of you loyal men! Your homes and your lives are threatened - so repay them in kind. Take their lives, take their homes - and throw them back into the sea whence they came!


    URA! URA! URA!