Sunday, 8 May 2016

Introducing the Armies

Hi guys - this is a preview of a post I'll be putting up on Palladian Guard in the next few weeks.  It'll help familiarise everyone with their armies, and for Paul hopefully you'll get a better idea of how the 2mm games are structured.

The Japanese forces.  You'll notice they're not labelled - since Paul has a whole division, these models have to be nondescript enough to stand in for any Japanese unit.  To that end they have a generic command stand and five battalions.  Each battalion consists of three companies and a battalion commander stand.  The reinforcement stands represent columns of troops forming up, and will be used as 'spawn points' if the Japanese have more than five battalions.
Japanese machine guns and artillery.
Japanese reinforcement columns.
A Japanese infantry battalion - you can see how effective the new khaki camouflage is!
The Russians.  They have slightly bigger companies, and four battalions to each regiment.  They have more machine guns than the Japanese, but much less artillery.
A Russian battalion.
Russian reinforcement column, next to the regimental commander and machine gun sections.
Some of the trench network...

Hope that whets your appetite!


  1. A stirring sight to see all of the men assembled! My Karelians will give their all to put down these upstart Japanese, and make yourself and all Mother Russia proud, General-Major

  2. Very nice - I hope to be a worthy commander to my big hearted but tiny sons of the Rising Sun!