Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Campaign Turn Structure

Stage One: Japanese team…

  • Roll for Will of the Emperor (1)
  • If not, select Siege Stance (1) 
  • Allocate construction, draw on map (2)
  • Allocate and roll for tunnels (3)
  • Roll for weather (4)
  • Decide if any land missions are to be launched (5)
  • Decide if a torpedo attack is to be launched on Port Arthur (6)

Update A: Send email to Russian team with…

  • Siege Stance for this week
  • Copy of the map – dated and with all constructions annotated (including partials)
  • Weather for this week
  • Any land missions for this week
  • If a torpedo attack is being launched

Stage Two: Russians then…

  • Secretly allocate ships to Harbour Defence or Fire Support (6)
  • Allocate construction, draw on map (2)
  • Unfinished in one colour
  • Finished in another
  • Fight land battles (5)
  • Either auto-resolve if Guards Brigade are not involved
  • Or fight tabletop game if they are
  • Fight a BF1900 game (if a torpedo attack has been launched) (6)
  • May roll to make a Sally (if a torpedo attack has not been launched) (6)
  • Fight a BF1900 game for the sally

Update B: Russians send email to Japanese team with…

  • Casualty figures from the battle
  • Results of a torpedo attack
  • Results of any Sallies 
  • Copy of the map – dated and with all constructions annotated (including partials)

Stage 3: Both sides

  • Calculate Combat Effectiveness (7)
  • Subtract any Manpower they have lost and note any results (8)
  • Roll any pressure dice (10)

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  1. I've sent you an email with a few questions Ed. Once those are clarified General Nogi will issue his instructions and battle orders